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Aster Villa (Landed: Gated & Guarded: 2 Storey Terrace & Semi-D)

Aster Villa entrance

Aster Villa @ Pearl City

Aster Villa for sale & for rent

You’ll find: Video (coming soon), Layout, floor plan, facilities and details of this properties, including prices for sale & rent and most importantly our review for Aster Villa Pearl City.

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aster villa location

Aster Villa Pearl City LOCATION

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Who is the developer? – Tambun Indah

tambun indah land project - contact Scott for more info +6011-1098 4066
Tambun Indah

Aster Villa, a project development that feature a gated and guarded housing scheme, comprises 162 units of double storey terraces and 92 units of double storey semi-detached houses respectively. The terrace houses of Aster Villa will offer two different design types of design, with a minimum land size of 1,240 sq.ft. There will be a resident clubhouse with a swimming pool facilities in Aster Villa.

Key Features / Summary of Aster Villa Pearl City

Aster Villa Pearl City Property Type

Aster Villa @ Pearl City is built in landed property with Double Storey Semi-D, Double Storey Landed and 1 unit of Bungalow


Aster Villa @ Pearl City is a FREEHOLD, Strata property


Tambun Indah Land

Maintenance Fees

Double Storey Semi-D: RM 280 +10 % sinking fund
Double Storey Terrace: RM 180 + 10% sinking fund

Built up / Size

Terrace: 20' x 42'
Semi-D: 22' - 24' x 43'

Aster Villa Pearl City Date of completion

Estimated 2024 - 2025 (could be earlier)

Total Units

255 units
2x Storey Terrace: 162 units
2x Storey Semi-D: 92 units
1 Unit of Bungalow

More About Aster Villa Pearl City

Aster Villa, the latest addition to Pearl City township development by Tambun Indah Land @ 2020 at Simpang Ampat, Penang

It is located along Jalan Tasek Mutiara 9, at the southeast of Pearl City township. it is about 2km to Pearl City Mall and GEMS International School, less than 15 minutes drive to Simpang Ampat toll plaza of North-South Expressway.

Other amenities within 5 km include SMJK Jit Sin II and SMK Bandar Tasek Mutiara, several other shops and facilities.

Aster Villa Facilities & Floorplan

  1. Swimming Pool
  2. Wading Pool
  3. Aqua Gym
  4. Jacuzzi
  5. Yoga Pavilion
  6. Gymnasium
  7.  Steam Room
  8.  Children’s Play Area
  9.  Landscape Garden
  10. BBQ Pit
  11. Community Hall
  12. Games Room
  13. Reading Room
  14. Fitness Station
  15. Function Room
  16. Function Room Pool
aster villa facilities and unit plan

According to Tambun Indah, Aster Villa is one of their best planned / designed project up to date (2020) especially with the facilities.

Aster Villa Double Storey Terrace

aster villa DST type A land 20' x 62' BU 20' x 42'
aster villa layout DST type B land 20' x 62' BU 20' x 42'

Aster Villa Layout - Double Storey Terrace

  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 3 Bathrooms
  • 1 Balcony
  • Intermediate: RM 530k  – RM 580k +/-
  • Corner Unit: RM 660k – RM 700k+

Aster Villa Double Storey Semi-Detached

aster villa layout DSSD type A
aster villa layout DSSD type B

Aster Villa Layout - Double Storey Semi-Detached

  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 3 – 4 Bathrooms
  • Balcony
  • Intermediate: RM 650k  – RM 690k +/-
  • Corner Unit: RM 680k – RM 880k+


  • FREE Legal Fees For SPA RM 6,000+
  • FREE Legal Fees for Loan RM 6,000+
  • LOW Downpayment
  • SAVE at least RM 60,000+

Is Aster Villa a good buy?

Aster Villa Review

Our Analysis / Opinion

2 important things you need to know before you decide to go for Aster Villa. 

Firstly this is a strata title. If you like to renovate your house, change the exterior or new painting, this project might not be suitable for you because this is a strata property and everything you do to the exterior must get the management approval. In short, you treat it like a condo.

Secondly, If you’re from local or people staying nearby, I’m sure you’re aware of the cemetery and poultry farm surrounding this area. If you don’t know, well, you know now. Meaning? If you don’t like poultry farm and cemetery please don’t come and cry, just look at other projects. The world is big. 

If you were to ask me about any stink or smell when I visit there, my answer is no. The poultry farm is quite some distance away, not too far not too close and I don’t own a dog’s nose. The public said you will only smell the stink when it’s raining heavily or when the wind is blowing. 

Again, if you don’t like, then don’t come and take a look and complain. I didn’t sell the project, therefore not asking you to accept it. What I know will be what you know, transparency is the thing I value most as an agent, nobody likes misleading and hidden fact. This is just a sharing about what I know about Aster Villa, certainly do not represent developer.

If you like to get more info like brochure or visiting just click on any button in this page and let me know. I can send you brochure and pass you to relevant sales representative, I do not earn any single cent from you. 

New project is not really acting the same as last decade anymore where u can simply buy before completion and sell after completion to earn profit. If you want to flip, I suggest you go for second hand or auction market. 

Personally I think Simpang Ampat, Penang is a gold mine as well where you can easily find aged property and refurbish and sell it if you were to follow the auction style that buy at below market value and refurbish / renovate it and sell it. 

After all Pearl City @ Simpang Ampat is a township full of landed property until Tambun Indah decided to build Avenue Garden & Palm Garden (both are serviced apartments). However, majority of them still landed and very cheap compared to Penang Island property without a doubt.

People from Penang Island also started to hunt for property in Mainland without a doubt also because of price. With RM 500k you can own a new landed property in Simpang Ampat,Penang but not this project. For the last decade people from Penang Island would say you’re crazy to ask them invest in Mainland but things  start to change now.

You can definitely reap some profit when the economy is recovering and especially the cemetery and the poultry farm is relocated. Don’t ask me “when”, my answer is “I don’t know”, no one can tell. 

The ROI for recent years for residential property will be somewhere around 2% to 3% in terms of rental rate. Capital appreciate will be a subjective calculation or personal opinion and due to time constraint I couldn’t show you past transaction of nearby properties.

Not much people would actually buy landed property and rent out. Reason? Lower rental rate and higher chances that it wont be taken good care by the tenant. Furthermore, if you were to invest with loan financing, definitely you will be having net cash outflow.

Please don’t get it wrong I’m not saying negative investment, I’m just saying cash outflow.

If you’re buying for own stay/ own usage purpose, just ignore this part of comment for Aster Villa.

While property at Penang Island is getting expensive and expensive, there’s chances that people from Penang Island will be attracted to Penang Mainland for landed property. 

Reason of 3.5 stars is because of this area is full of landed property. You just imagine like a condominium with 1,300 units+, when new buyer shows up, definitely he will have a lot of comparison before decided to purchase. 

As a consumer or buyer, price definitely  will be the first thing we will look at. You want to sell faster? Offer at lower price, or renovate it differently. Also it might depends on the direction or facing of your property as well for those referring at Feng Shui unless you’re very lucky the buyer only want gated and guarded. 

Sometimes it’s really a subjective question. It could be due to luck, timing and offering higher commission to agent, you might be selling easily.

Nothing much to comment about traffic conditions, peak hour is just the same for any part of Penang hot spot. If you want area without traffic jam please go out town area. 

If you have extra cash and like to renovate your house and change outlook, painting then you must not consider Aster Villa.

Slight disadvantage or inconvenience for those who prefer close travelling distance to workplace especially if you’re working in Penang Island. 

Without the cemetery and poultry farm nearby I would give Aster Villa project 4 to 4.5 stars because of the gated & guarded concept and it is also one of the best planned project by Tambun Indah up to date (as at 2020)

Overall I would say this is a quiet place, good landed property in terms of gated & guarded concept, more security. 

I didn’t smell anything bad at the site but the flies as a result of the poultry farm is somehow little bit annoying for me. Reason that I rate a 3.5 stars also because I didn’t know this area much and the flies are annoying, that’s it. (I’m ok with the cemetery because you know what? Out of sight, out of mind)

cemetery near Aster Villa

Cemetery and Poultry farm nearby to Aster Villa

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Aster Villa Pearl City

Aster Villa Pearl City Related Questions:

As state above, Aster Villa Pearl City will be completed around 2024 – 2025 (could be completed earlier) 

Aster Villa sales packages come with free legal fee for loan and sales and purchase agreement (S&P)

Qualify for Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) 2020-2021 to waive & save stamp duty for loan & stamp duty for Memorandum of Transfer (MOT)

No. As far as I know most of the landed property does not come with furnishing package and even if come with furnishing package developer also will mark up within the price. 

As at 2020, what I know is that Aster Villa don’t have furnishing package. Refer to relevant sales representative for more info.

The prices listed here are all after the so called rebate / discount or whatever you name it. 

Want more discount / cheaper? Please go to secondary market. It is unlikely that Tambun Indah will give extra discount / rebate.


Yes you can. However, if it is a new project / under-constructions / developer’s unit , developers are giving free legal fees ya. 

Developers would be happy if you help them save cost

Yes you can. As long as I’m awake I will answer your call & reply your message.

Rest assured. We are here to help & provide solution. We promise no hard selling or pushing. Tell us what’s in your mind and we’ll try our best to help

Yes you can. Please contact us via 011-1098 4066 to visit  and get more information!

Sorry to say you can’t own this property due to the pricing is below the minimum threshold. 

We do have other projects that suitable for you. Talk to us now.

Register for Aster Villa Pearl City

Aster Villa Pearl City update

Construction stage @ November 2020

Construction update
Construction update

Feel free to share with us the latest update as well if you have photos for the latest stage for Aster Villa. Just press the WhatsApp button to send us the photos

Disclaimer: we do not represent developer on the sales matter, if you’re interested please let us know we’ll pass you to person-in-charge / relevant sales representative. Information and pricing might subject to changes.

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