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Idaman Selasih Sungai Ara – Ideal Property Group

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Idaman Selasih Sungai Ara

Idaman Selasih Sungai Ara For Sale & Rent

You’ll find: Video (coming soon), Layout, floor plan, facilities and details of this properties, including prices for sale & rent and most importantly our review for Idaman Selasih Sungai Ara

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Idaman Selasih Sungai Ara LOCATION

idaman selasih location - contact Scott for more info +6011-1098 4066

Who is the developer? – Ideal property Group

Ideal Property Group

Idaman Selasih located @ Sungai Ara, Bayan Lepas, Penang is a low cost and low medium cost apartment by Ideal Property Group. 

Key Features / Summary of Idaman Selasih Sungai Ara

Property Type

Idaman Selasih @ Sungai Ara is Low Cost Flat & Low Medium Cost Flat


Idaman Selasih @ Sungai Ara is a FREEHOLD Property


Ideal Property Group

Idaman Selasih Maintenance Fees

As at Jan 2021:
Low Cost @ RM 69.30
Low Medium Cost @ RM 88.00

Built up / Size

Idaman Selasih with built up @ 676 sq ft

Idaman Selasih Date of completion

CCC @ November 2016

Total Units

Total Level @ 37
478 Units For Low Cost
478 Units For Low Medium Cost

More About Idaman Selasih Sungai Ara

To be honest we don’t have comprehensive info about Idaman Selasih. Some people feedback to us that for low cost unit (those without floor tiles) during last time cost about RM 100k or even below. 

For low medium cost unit cost around RM 188k to RM 240k +/- with or without carpark and of course higher price you will get 2 carpark (tandem). Low medium cost also comes with tiles and some packages and if you want to know more can google maps for Ideal Property Group which is just located at Bayan Baru, Penang (nearby Starbucks)

idaman selasih layout - contact Scott for more info +6011-1098 4066

Idaman Selasih Sungai Ara Built Layout

  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 1+1 Bathrooms

Idaman Selasih Sungai Ara Built Layout

idaman selasih layout - contact Scott for more info +6011-1098 4066

3 Bedrooms

1+1 Bathrooms

Low Cost

RM -
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 1+1 Bathrooms
  • LOW Downpayment

Low Medium Cost

RM 188,000 - 268,000
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 1+1 Bathrooms
  • LOW Downpayment
  • Detailed info please visit developer office @ Bayan Baru

Rental Rate

RM 750 - 1,000
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 1+1 Bathrooms
  • LOW Downpayment
  • We do not handle any rental for Idaman Selasih as well, if you're an agent or owner wish to list your listing here can talk to us.

Our Analysis / Opinion for Idaman Selasih Sungai Ara

Own Stay Purpose


There’s people with different income range and different property requirement according to respective needs and conditions. Therefore I’ve decided to rate for a neutral rating for Idaman Selasih.

If rate too low later people complain that I discriminate income group, if too high later people also complain this is low cost, low medium cost; we need to compare apple to apple you can’t compare Idaman Selasih to a condominium (higher prices and better quality with more facilities) and say Idaman Selasih is not good for stay. 

Also when we talk about property for own stay, first thing of course you have to look at your budget. Please don’t tell me location, location, location. Even if I give you best location in Penang the price I wonder you can afford for it and also there’s no “BEST” location but only personal preferences. 

In short, want a condominium with high quality, more facilities, and better security? Please don’t come here. Earn more money and go for higher price of property. You get what you paid.  I don’t discriminate people based on their income. However, sometimes people with creative imagination would make us heart attack.



If you have limited budget, you can consider Idaman Selasih as an investment go hedge against inflation. 

You might ask me how about flipping? (Buy and sell for profit) Well my answer is if you bought during early stage while the price where I HEARD of is around RM 100k for low cost, then yes you might be able to make some profit by selling it when “lockup” period expire. 

However, if you buy RM 268k and planning to flip, I wonder how likely the chances are….


Return on Investment ROI


If you like to calculate ROI and prefer high ROI in terms of rental, this is it. You can easily earn 3.5% to 4% ROI in terms of rental rate but you can imagine the capital appreciation yourself.

PSF I would say around RM 330 – RM 400 based on current market for low medium cost as at July 2021.

Rental & Cash Flow


As mentioned above, if you have limited budget and plan to hedge against inflation you can consider Idaman Selasih. 

Reason? Well if you take RM 228k, loan 35 years and 3% interest rate monthly installment would be around RM 900. You are able to rent it out at RM 750 +/- and I would say a minimum cash outflow and if you’re lucky to rent out at higher price (which I think unlikely) then you’re having almost 0 cash outflow.

At least in the future when you plan to sell you can factor in the interest that you paid over the years and at least able to hedge against inflation. 

Once I got a customer asked me about how easy to rent this out? My answer is it depends. Because I cannot answer you “Yes it is very easy to rent out” or “No it’s not easy to rent out” . Because like I said in other pages, I don’t do over-promising. 

Use your head and think, total around 900+ units, easy to rent out within short period of time? Especially during Covid with such dropping in rental rate? I would say easy if you can pay agents with 2 to 3 months commission. And yes sometimes it really depends on timing and luck also. 

How easy to sell in the future ?


It’s pretty easy to sell in the future if you own a low cost unit but also it depends on how much is your target selling price. 



Please don’t complain about traffic issue because Sungai Ara and Bukit Jambul is one of the famous traffic congestion spot at Penang Island. Look at a bigger picture, tell me which part of Penang is not having traffic congestion issue? Even Balik Pulau I also have customers tell me congested. 

Also there’s mosque / masjid at this area, please don’t come here and only you complain noisy. (p/s: you’re the noisiest).

Once I had a customer who lives in Imperial Residence where the mosque/ masjid just in front of Imperial Residence, came visit the Idaman Selasih with me and saw the mosque. She asked me “ha?! there’s a mosque oh? then it must be super-noisy loh?” (niamak, you’re staying Imperial Residence and you’re making nonsense complaint)

Just so you know,  I’m not selling this Idaman Selasih, so please don’t think that I’m trying to brainwash you, I’m merely providing information here.

Personal Preferences


As at July 2021, condition for Idaman Selasih I would say still ok because it is completed 2016 and please be rational to compare apple to apple. Some people would complain condition not ok. If that’s the case please go ahead take a tour at Relau and Paya Terubong low cost apartment condition and you come back take a look at Idaman Selasih. 


Free grille door packages

Developer is giving free grill door

Detailed info and prices? I don’t know, please walk in to dveloper’s office at Bayan Baru for more info.

Free bird cage 

Detailed info and prices? I also don’t know, because last time developer doesn’t approve the permission to sell. Anything please refer back to developer’s office.

idaman selasih sungai ara - contact Scott to know more +6011-1098 4066
Free floor tiles packages

Free tiles for low medium cost unit

Visit developer’s office at Bayan Baru to know more.

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