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Is Dato Sri Adrian Wee Scammer ? Die with Massive Debts

Dato Sri Adrian Wee

Is Dato Sri Adrian Wee Scammer? 

Die with massive debts

Is the Property Guru Dato Sri Adrian Wee scammer? Die with massive debts…… Let’s find out

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Die with massive debts

die with massive debts Dato Sri Adrian Wee

What do you think ? Is Dato Sri Adrian Wee a scammer? Fake Property Guru?

Personally I don’t think it is really our business but nowadays people just follow what the majority says even when they didn’t attend or involve in the seminar or course offered.

I’d say there’s mainly 3 types of person that joined his course.

Firstly consist of those early batches that saw the ads on Facebook where it was back in few years ago Adrian Wee did spent a lot of money to advertise on Facebook where the competition of Facebook ads is still low.

Second type would be those really interested to learn the way to invest and earn money in property market.

Third type would be those attracted by the famous Ferrari.

Dato Sri Adrian Wee

Personal opinion towards Dato Sri Adrian Wee

Back to our main topic and I have 2 answers.

1st, it depends. You gonna have to judge from different perspective whether he’s a scammer or not because it is already a trend or a norm in the current society whereby people just simply doesn’t care if you did the right thing or vice versa and they will just comment whatever and however they like to due to the power of freedom of speech granted by the internet and social media.

You can’t make everyone loves you nowadays. Google does not own the 100% market share of search engine and Apple’s product aren’t owned by everyone. In short, you can’t make everyone fall in love with you.

And now you might be thinking that I’m like writing for Adrian Wee but before you judge me please finish the article. 

What’s your answer / thoughts? (leave your comment below)

My second answer would be “no“, Dato Sri Adrian Wee is a not scammer, from certain perspective.

We should treat everything on the internet, social media by a “touch n go basis. just read it, either ignore it or apply your personal judgement because in this information explosion era, things are getting more and more complicated and it’s really challenging to judge if it’s a true or false; right or wrong.

Have you attended his seminar? Are you Dato Sri Adrian Wee’s fans?

Personally I did attended his course / seminar. Do you know how many investors I’ve managed to help to secure the best investment project throughout my career? 

Make a smart guess.





Your answer? Well, you can never imagine how many person I’ve managed to help.

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How many investor I’ve helped throughout my career ?

You ready? My answer is 0. None. I did not help any investor at all to secure any investment project or property. 

Reason being? Well, you gotta admit human beings are emotional. People buy because of emotion.

Some “investors” came to me saying that he’s buying as an investment vehicle and but in the end they bought certain projects because of facilities, developers & some funny reasons. 


Are you really a good investor? Do you really earned any money past 5 years from the newly VP property?

Personally I’m current focusing new projects in Penang state. There’s a new project with around 1,300+ units in total and as long as you’re staying or from Penang you’ll roughly know which 1 I’m referring to.

Yet some people still comment that it’s a good location to invest…….

Please do not misunderstand that I’m saying it is a terrible project. If you want to flip the property like 10 years’ ago trend, dreaming is the easiest way. It is nearly impossible now. A project with 600 to 800 units and the existing Owners already lose their money / interest. Not to mention a project with 1,300+ units and what do you think will happen.

If you’d like to own a property in Penang just browse through my website or drop me a call at +6011-1098 4066.

How to decide to invest or not?

Everybody likes to quote Warren Buffet. “Rule Number One: Never Lose Money. Rule Number Two: Never Forget Rule Number One” 

What should you consider? To decide whether to invest or not, you need to consider if a particular property can at least earn you the return in terms of bank interest

If you still think to earn profit from real estate from the past decade, once vacant possession (VP) obtained and you sell immediately. earn profit of at least RM 100k and you can just forget it.

If you don’t believe me just ask someone around you with the age around 40 onwards those actively involve in real estate investing.

Dato Sri Adrian Wee compressed loan
Dato Sri Adrian Wee compressed loan

What is Compressed Loan?

Alright we’re getting too far. Those that attended Dato Sri Adrian Wee course and dear keyboard warriors, you can’t deny that one of the reason that you’re giving your attention to him is because of his yellow Ferrari. 

One of the reason Dato Sri Adrian Wee is famous is because of the “compressed loan” that utilize the loophole of banking system.

Usually you can only get 90% loan of finance from the bank for you 1st two property purchase. Your 3rd property can only get 70% loan.

Due to the reason that banks do not share their customer database and this is where the loophole came in. Buyers usually apply the bank loan for a few banks in one shot so that to get the loan approved and different bank financing package to be offered. 

Other banks would not know if in the end which bank’s loan you decided to take up and this is where the compressed loan comes in. Purchaser takes several units one shot and apply the loan at 90%.

These irrational purchasers is over excited after they attended the class (not necessarily Adrian Wee’s course) and with the developer’s offer, rebate, 0 down payment bought a few properties in one shot. And just when they think they can utilize the GRR (Guaranteed Rental Return) obtained from developer package as cash flow to offset the bank installment, they realized that the rental is insufficient to cover their bank loan instalment when the GRR finished utilized.

(P/s: wanna know what is GRR? Stay tune, help me share the article and follow my page to get more updates.)

Invest Wisely.

Some gurus will even promote developer’s project in their seminar. By doing so, they are earning your course fees and the developer’s commission. “Kill 2 birds with 1 stone” in chinese they said.

So did Adrian Wee actually taught this? Obviously he did. However, I do not know the exact way of he’s showing and promoting the compressed loan loophole because at the time I wasn’t attending the seminar yet. Therefore I will not comment or give answers to the questions that I don’t know. As far as I know by the time I attended the seminar he did not mention anything about compressed loan anymore.

Of course he’s not the 1st guy to talk about compressed loan and I believe he will not be the final person to talk about compressed loan. 

I do not cover that much in English because it is very time-consuming to do the translation. However, what I am trying to express is that do not simply think you can easily become a millionaire, billionaire by just attending  a few seminars. (If you prefer to read chinese language please click here.)

Who earns most of the profit / money in the end? Of course it will be the property gurus or whatever millionaires, billionaires gurus you name it.

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    1. thank you for your comment, feel free to voice out your opinion, why he’s fake and your personal view here too, comments are welcome as long as not causing harm to society

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