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Mezzo Penang @ The Light City

Mezzo Penang @ The Light for sale & for rent

You’ll find: Video (coming soon), Layout, floor plan, facilities and details of this properties, including prices for sale & rent and most importantly our review for Mezzo Penang @ The Light.

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Mezzo Penang @ The Light City LOCATION

Mezzo Penang - contact Scott for more info +6011-1098 4066
Mezzo Penang @ The Light City Location - contact Scott for more info +6011-1098 4066

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Who is the developer? – IJM Land

IJM land +6011-10984066
IJM Land

Mezzo Penang @ The Light City, the first residential project at phase 2 of The Light City. In addition, this is a large-scale 32.76 acre with integrated mixed-use waterfront development by IJM Perennial Development at the Light City, Gelugor, Penang.

Mezzo Penang @ The Light City is strategically located next to The Light Collection with a mere minutes drive from Penang Bridge & George Town. Furthermore, this residential project comes with two 34-storey residential towers and offering 456 sea view condominium units with 2 main built-up sizes 1,033 square foot and 1,292 square foot. 

Key Features / Summary of Mezzo Penang @ The Light

Property Type

Mezzo Penang @ The Light City is built in condominium type


Mezzo Penang @ The Light City, Gelugor, Penang by IJM Land is a FREEHOLD property


IJM Land

Maintenance Fees

approx. RM 0.27 PSF

Built up / Size

2 main types for layout from 1,033sf - 1,367sf @ 2 to 3 bedrooms

Date of completion

Estimated 2024 - 2025

Total Units

Total 2 towers Total level: 34 Total Unit: 456

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    More About Mezzo Penang @ The Light City

    Mezzo Penang @ The Light City, the latest phase (2021) of The Light Waterfront Penang will be another flagship component of The Light City at Gelugor, Penang.

    The Light City will complete with a dynamic mix of commercial and residential components which consist of retail mall, hotels, an office tower, luxurious high-rise residences and a convention centre. 

    The Light City is therefore expected to emerge as one of Penang’s most prominent waterfront destinations for world-class shopping, hospitality, business, lifestyle, events and etc.


    Mezzo Penang Facilities & Floorplan

    1. Swimming Pool
    2. Wading Pool
    3. Aqua Gym
    4. Jacuzzi
    5. Yoga Pavilion
    6. Gymnasium
    7.  Steam Room
    8.  Children’s Play Area
    9.  Landscape Garden
    10. BBQ Pit
    11. Community Hall
    12. Games Room
    13. Reading Room
    14. Fitness Station
    15. Function Room
    Mezzo Penang @ The Light City for sale - floorplan - contact Scott for more info +6011-1098 4066

    Mezzo Penang @ The Light City features 2 towers of aesthetically designed seafront condominiums optimally positioned to maximize views of the stunning Penang Straits at the same time ensuring privacy for every unit. As a key component of The Light City, Mezzo residents also enjoy unprecedented access to the project’s other components as well as its surrounding amenities.

    Like Cycling / Jogging ? No problem

    Besides the existing lane of the Light for cycling and jogging lane, phase 3 of development will be 7 acres of seafront park.

    To be honest, I like the environment here compared to Quayside @ Tanjung Tokong by E&O.

    (If you talk about Gurney side, to be honest I don’t know what’s the feeling to be like jogging or cycling there but definitely I will choose the Light over Quayside-personal preferences) 

    (feel free to drop a healthy discussion at the comment box at the bottom of the page, tell us you like Gurney, Tanjung Tokong or The Light @ Gelugor.)

    the Light Waterfront Penang Seafront Park with Cycling ang Jogging lane - Contact Scott to pick you a unit at the Light

    Mezzo Penang @ The Light layout

    Mezzo Layout - contact Scott for more info +6011-1098 4066

    Type A @ 1,033 sq ft

    2 Bedrooms

    2+1 Bathrooms

    Mezzo Penang layout - contact Scott for more info +6011-1098 4066

    Type B @ 1,292 Sq Ft

    3 Bedrooms

    2 Bathrooms

    1 Utility Room

    1 Balcony

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    Mezzo Penang @ The Light for sale

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    1,292 sq ft

    Type B
    From RM 1,025,000
    • 3 Bedrooms
    • 2 Bathrooms
    • 1 Utility Room
    • 1 Balcony
    • LOW Downpayment
    • FREE S&P Legal Fees
    • FREE Loan Legal Fees
    • Monthly Installment:
      RM 4,310 @ 35 years
      RM 4,720 @ 30 years
      RM 5,320 @ 25 years
      RM 6,220 @ 20 years
      #Assume Interest rate @ 3%

    1,033 sq ft

    Type A
    From RM 818,000
    • 2 Bedrooms
    • 2+1 Bathrooms
    • LOW Downpayment
    • FREE S&P Legal Fees
    • FREE Loan Legal Fees
    • Monthly Installment:
      RM 3,150 @ 35 years
      RM 3,450 @ 30 years
      RM 3,880 @ 25 years
      RM 4,550 @ 20 years
      #Assume Interest rate @ 3%

    Mezzo Penang @ The Light Review

    Our Analysis / Opinion

    Firstly, it depends on personal preferences, if you prefer quiet place, fresh air, you should go for the Light Collection series. In short, means to say, good side of Mezzo? Next to shopping mall ; bad side of Mezzo? Also next to shopping mall. 

    For me, I pretty much like the concept living next to a shopping mall that is just within walking distance (more entertainment)

    Some people would just say crowded, traffic jam (traffic congestion). Hello……. can you tell me which part of Penang not congested? Even Balik Pulau also now i heard congested. But of course not recent 2 years due to Covid-19 lockdown. 

    However, gotta admit that I missed the old days during lockdown, travel from place to place without traffic congestion. Damn, miss the days. (don’t get it wrong, I miss the lockdown but I don’t miss Covid-19)

    The reason I’m not giving 5 stars is I don’t want people come back and “Bomb” or bite me, said u rated 5 stars and after I buy it, the value doesn’t increase. (“Yalo , economy not ok ma”, SOUNDS FAMILIAR FROM THOSE OVER-PROMISING AGENT?)

    If you’re going for a “FLIP” strategy (buy and sell after you get vacant possession / keys) , I would say the market doesn’t act like last decade anymore. During the past decades, literally what you buy will always go up. Now? No longer that way.

    In another words, you can easily earn a capital gain for the past decades after the building is completed. So, if your property investment strategy is buy and flip, then you should go to sub-sale/ secondary market or auction market now. 

    For long term investment, yes you can consider Mezzo because it’s only 456 units. Finish the reading and you’ll know why.

    If you’ve already owned a few properties, you should know that the current Return on Investment (ROI) in terms of rental is just 2% to 3% annually. Meanings? Buy RM1 million property but rental rate is RM 2,000+ per month. If you don’t know the current ROI for rental rate, well, you do now. (Well, at least better than FD….hahaha…)

    How about ROI for capital gain? I’m glad to tell you, I don’t know. Because I don’t do over-promising. When I heard other agents selling other Seafront projects, said you can easily secure the rental rate at RM 3,000 and above, I really laughed so hard. 

    Just so you know, some seafront projects now renting at RM 2,000+ with fully furnished……. if you’re the owners of those property, you get what I mean.

    But again for the long term, I do believe that Mezzo and the Light Collection series will prove its value when the economy is recovering and the Convention Centre and Mall is ready. Just need some patience

    As I mentioned at previous section, existing rental rate of the Light Collection of about the same size is RM 2,000 to RM 3,000. 

    Furthermore, as at 20/7/2021 I had an agent told me there’s a fully furnished unit at the Light Collection 1 for rent @ RM 2,300. 

    However, please do not misunderstand or twist my word, I’m showing this to let you aware of the worst case scenario, as I said, I don’t over-promise, if you’re ok for the rental rate of RM 2,000, feel free to proceed for the investment.

    If you have extra cash don’t mind to leave it vacant/ empty, or refuse to rent @ lower rate to spoil your unit, for sure you can leave it vacant. I have plenty of owners leave their unit vacant as well.

    For instance, take the cheapest unit of Mezzo around RM 800k, monthly installment around RM 3,000 @ 3% interest rate, 35 years. Meanings? if rental rate at RM 2,000, you can accept or your financial status is allowable with a cash outflow of (RM 1,000)

    I would say direct competitor would be Waterside Residence, because just next to Mezzo.

    Waterside Residence is having 256 units in total while Mezzo 456 units in total. Currently selling price of Waterside Residence as at 21/7/2021 around RM 9xxK – RM 1.4m +/-.

    So, want to sell faster after taking the vacant possession / keys? Of course you have to match the prices or lower than Waterside Residence. 

    Wanna sell for profit ? Be patience lah. Not that easy but not that hard too because it’s not that high density until 1,000+ units when potential purchaser appear you have to fight prices with other owners.

    Good part ? Mezzo is blocking Waterside Residence, but not completely blocking the view. Tower A of Waterside Residence i.e. the tallest tower should be least affected by Mezzo.

    Estimate completion on 2024- 2025, newer than Waterside Residences and I would say slight advantage compare to Waterside Residence

    • Reclaimed land ah? Aiyo Feng Shui cannot la.
      • If cannot accept then let me know lo I have other projects not reclaimed land. Quayside @ Tanjung Tokong, Queensbay Mall, E-gate there all reclaimed for your information. Developers still want reclaim at these area, you tell me, if no demand why developer build. Sohai meh = =.
    • What if Tsunami comes ?
      • #YouAreNotAlone
    • Logical part?
      • IJM is building the Convention Centre, Mall and office tower there, if you ask me foundation strong or not, will collapse or not? My answer is if collapse, what do you think gonna happen to IJM ? (I have no idea and I can’t answer that) 
    • Overall, I like the environment right now regardless Mezzo or the Light Collection but it could have some traffic there once the Mall and Convention Centre complete. 

    There’s good and bad side of every development, human beings not even perfect, so don’t think too much. Let me know what’s your thought and I propose you some potential options.

    the Light Mezzo - contact Scott for more info +6011-1098 4066

    Mezzo will block some view of Waterside Residence

    The same things come around, the Convention Centre, Mall and office tower will block some view of Mezzo. 

    So if view is not important for you, just ignore it because beautiful view also comes with beautiful prices. 

    99.99% of my clients are happy !

    Customers reviews

    Sandy PB
    July 26, 2022

    Fast response who will go extra miles provide insight with additional information to address client doubts on project enquiry, non pushy and committed agent who work hard to provide best service to any potential client. thanks so much Scott 😁👍👍

    Hee Soo
    May 2, 2022

    服务态度好👍 性格也很好👍 信息会立刻回复 👍👍👍

    Johnson Lau
    May 1, 2022


    Lee Jerry
    April 30, 2022


    Chi Fei
    April 28, 2022

    Awesome agent with great patience and attitude when providing information. Strongly recommended!!

    Wayne Tan
    April 25, 2022

    Excellent agent to work with

    Elycia Lee
    November 1, 2021

    Compared to other agents, he is a helpful and responsible agent👍

    Anzelinne Lim
    September 15, 2021

    Very helpful and Friendly 👍

    Wn Lim
    September 10, 2021

    good services, provide useful information, good to talk👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    Khang Wooi Kelvin Yeoh
    September 9, 2021

    Very helpful in all aspect. Best I’ve seen among all other agents I’ve engaged with.

    Tan Chun Yao
    August 8, 2021

    I like the way Scott explain and brief on a project, it provide an insight howba project is and recommendation. Like it!

    Eelan Kai
    August 6, 2021

    非常详细的解释 也很老实!推荐 有什么问题都会回答以及详细分析

    KJack Ooi Kai Zheng
    July 28, 2021

    Good service and responsible guy

    Pei Hong Tan
    May 31, 2021

    Great patience when explaining, good person to talk with

    Whilliks Hong
    May 30, 2021

    Good service and provide clear informatio

    Ong Choo Kheng
    May 11, 2021

    Very happy to be assisted by a helpful and fast response agent. Recommended.

    Maple Tang
    April 18, 2021

    Nice to talk and good services

    Chester Yin Thye
    April 16, 2021


    Chong Yang
    February 13, 2021


    Kee Kun
    February 12, 2021


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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Mezzo Penang @ The Light City

    Mezzo Related Questions:

    As state above, Mezzo will be completed around 2024 – 2025

    Certain levels and units of Mezzo will be blocked by the future convention centre and part of the Light Collection series.

    Mezzo’s sales packages come with free legal fee for loan and sales and purchase agreement (S&P)

    Qualify for Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) 2020-2021 to waive & save stamp duty for loan & stamp duty for Memorandum of Transfer (MOT)

    IJM does not offer any furnishing or renovation package for Mezzo.

    The prices listed here are all after the so called rebate / discount or whatever you name it. 

    Rest assured, the price are transparent and will be the same no matter which agency or developer selling. 

    You might be thinking well then why should I buy from you since it’s the same with developer? Well, good thing is we are real estate negotiator, if you’re an investor, I’m here for you after the completion for your rental / letting services and you can definitely rely on us to secure a tenant or even some extra benefits.

    Benefits like what ? Well, talk to us and you’ll know. 


    Yes you can. However, if it is a new project / under-constructions / developer’s unit , developers are giving free legal fees ya. 

    Developers would be happy if you help them save cost

    Yes you can. As long as I’m awake I will answer your call & reply your message.

    Rest assured. We are here to help & provide solution. We promise no hard selling or pushing. Tell us what’s in your mind and we’ll try our best to help

    Yes you can. Please contact us via 011-1098 4066 to visit  and get more information!

    Yes you can, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details. 

    Can i take loan with local banks? Yes you can but there’s certain criteria you have to fulfill in order to apply loan from the local banks. Talk to us and we’ll help you with our best.

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    Mezzo Penang @ The Light City's update

    Construction stage @ July 2021

    Piling for the mall & convention centre is completed

    Piling stage for Mezzo’s turn

    Construction stage @ July 2022

    Mezzo construction update - contact Scott +6018-466 8066 for more info now
    Mezzo construction update - contact Scott +6018-466 8066 for more info now

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