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Ramana Property Sdn Bhd

ramana property sdn bhd

Ramana Property Sdn Bhd

Ramana Property is actually a venture company by Saujana Desa Bina which is a main contractor company. As a main-contractor, it specializes in building and civil engineering construction. Saujana Desa Bina is founded in 1995 by B.E.Tan and H.L.Tan and it has achieved a great success since its formation.

Ramana Property Existing Project:

Famous contractor with outstanding reputation supporting Ramana Property

Over decades, Saujana has grown into one of the highest contractor group in Malaysia (CIDB Grade G7).

Past and current prestigious client list or past projects of Saujana Desa Bina:

  • Airmas Group (since 1995)
  • Global Megajasa Group
  • Prima Desa Sdn Bhd
  • Eastern Heritage Sdn Bhd

For more information about the existing project, click here for Metropol and the latest launched project Grains Residences at year 2022. 

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