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The Pier by Asia Green Group | Info & Review

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the pier asia green group

the pier for Sale

You’ll find: Video (coming soon), Layout, floor plan, facilities and details of this properties, including prices for sale & rent and most importantly our review for the Pier.

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the pier penang LOCATION

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Who is the developer? – Asia Green Group

Asia Green Group

The Pier is a mixed development project by Asia Green Group located at Bayan Mutiara, Bayan Lepas. The project is having 2 towers with total units of 934 and 64 units of alfresco retail shoplot.

Key Features / Summary of the pier penang

Property Type

mixed development: Serviced apartment status


FREEHOLD property


Asia Green Group

Maintenance Fees

to be updated

Built up / Size

2 standard layout with 1,044 square feet
the rest to be confirmed

Completion Date

Approx year 2026-2027

Total Units

Total 2 towers
Total level: 37
Total Unit: 934

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More About the pier by asia green

Sandville Residence is a low density development with only 165 units yet it still comes with complete common facilities for dear residence to enjoy.

the pier Facilities floor plan

floor plan facilities

The pier Floor plan

the pier layout

the pier layout type A 1044sf

Standard single key

3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms

the pier layout type A1 dual key 1044sf

Dual Key

3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms



*these layout obtained from the website:

according to official advertisement, only 1,044square feet is available and for sale, I will delete it once confirmed if the developer has changed their design / these unit layout are for sale or not.

The Pier for sale

1,044 square feet

3 bedrooms
From RM 580,000 - 600,000+
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • 1 Balcony
  • FREE S&P Legal Fees
  • FREE Loan Legal Fees
  • 1 carpark
    or Tandem carpark
    or Single carpark
  • Dual Key from RM 750,000

Please text me to get an update for latest market deal, due to short of hands the price here might not be the latest because it is a secondary market deal, all based on willing buyer, willing seller. Text me to get an update, let’s chat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about The Pier

The Pier Related Questions:

I suppose the Pier might be completed around year 2026-2027

There could be future development that might block the Pier but not 100% blocking, could be partially blocking the view, you can still get the sea view there just the matter of the “degree” or angle

I will update again as soon as I get it, new project usually comes with free legal fees for loan and sales & purchase agreement (SPA) so I suppose the Pier is having the same too.

No furnishing package will be given.

Yes you can. However, if it is a new project / under-constructions / developer’s unit , developers are giving free legal fees ya. 

Developers would be happy if you help them save cost.

However, if it is completed property from developer, do check properly what kind of defect they will rectify for you, because the terms listed in the sales & purchase agreement (SPA) for completed property is different than the new project. In another words, unfair to you as a buyer.

You can contact me by clicking any button here. As long as I’m awake I will answer your call & reply your message. 

You can also call me at +6011-1098 4066

Rest assured. We are here to help & provide solution. We promise no hard selling or pushing. Tell us what’s in your mind and we’ll try our best to help

Please contact us via 011-1098 4066 to visit  and get more information!

Yes you can, but not all types of unit or layout for this project, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details. 

Can i take loan with local banks? Yes you can but there’s certain criteria you have to fulfill in order to apply loan from the local banks. Talk to us and we’ll help you with our best & show you important fees to be involved / get prepared.

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The Pier Review

Is The Pier a Good Buy ?

Our Analysis / Opinion

The Pier: mixed development with 934 units serviced apartment ; 64 units alfresco retail shops.

37 storeys

Typical layout from 1,044 square feet with standard 3 bedrooms layout or dual key concept options. 

I really don’t give a yes or no answer unless I really like a particular project. The Pier is good, if you’re travelling in and out Penang Island frequently, or you’re working in Bayan Lepas FIZ, FTZ.  

Hmmmmmm, that depends on your investment mindset, currently rental market in Penang, as I am writing now, as at September 2023, is not increasing anymore after the Covid-19, I mean it did increased, for about 10% – 20%, but it stopped this year, because lots of project completed about the same time, market need some time to “absorb” it, not to mention the Zen / Zen 6, Quaywest, the Muze @ PICC, Queens Residence, Waterside Residence, 3 Residence, Grace Residence and etc these are all your direct and indirect competitor if you plan to rent out your unit. Thus, if you were to rent out your unit, it is either nicely furnished/ decorated or cheapest unit in the market. 

Please don’t take my statement for granted, do the research yourself too, so many platforms out there like iProperty, PropertyGuru & etc and I was referring in general condition for the market in Penang Island, there’s still some area, type of property doing good, but only minority of them. 

So if you plan to buy and flip, sorry, I still insist my opinion, don’t buy new project, buy auction, buy resale property. 

I don’t think it is an easy job to sell the Pier in the foreseeable future for your resale unit. Reason? High density, many similar unit size, you have 1 car park, tandem car park, and single car park all at different price range and it’s kinda big difference.

1st of all, I have to say, I’m not a good agent in promoting high density project, therefore, my comment, review, analysis might not in favour of the project, means I could be biased. 

Well…….. 934 units…….. that really scares me, the 1st question in my head is how the future owner gonna sell this………so many competitor.

If I have to choose, If, I will choose dual key concept layout, investment wise, you have studio concept ; if your own stay/ own usage purpose, well you stay the studio or your parent stay the studio unit, you have more privacy while you can take care of your parents. 

Here’s the reason I think you can go for the Pier:

1. Sea view, well, yeah, most of the purchaser want SEA VIEW property.

2. Location close to bridge

3. (some gambling elements) if good shops, retails come in, then it is good, you can pay attention to the Zen / Zen 6 that is about to complete while I’m writing this review about the Pier at September 2023.

Reasons I won’t pick the Pier:

1. too many similar units, in chinese we say the rarer it is, the better it is. 物以稀为贵. So when there is so many units at 1,044 square feet, it makes no difference to your future buyer, your future buyer will only focus on the cheapest price/ cheapest unit while you will always receive low price offer from agents.

2. high density

3. Past project of Quaywest workmanship doesn’t meet my expectation, so I will on hold my opinion towards The Pier. Please don’t misunderstand and screenshot my review simply send to others saying “This agent said The Pier workmanship not ok”. Firstly, I have to clarify, no matter how good a developer is, there will always endless complaint and usually those complaints are from KPC, non-purchasers, 吃瓜群众,busybody and etc. Just wanna emphasize Quaywest is not my taste. 

Well you’re damn right I have to keep my “rice bowl”/ keep a line/ keep the door open, I cannot say Quaywest, The Pier, Asia Green cannot buy! Tak boleh pakai! Hello, I’m agent also, I have to sell to earn commission too. I cannot scold any developer, not on paper, not online, unless I am damn sure I won’t sell a particular developer’s project. If someone comes to me say I wanna buy the Pier, impossible I won’t take the money wor………

Again, not implying anything, no matter how shit a project, there will always be purchaser there to buy the unit. I’ve sold property full of cracks to purchaser too, they can accept because it is the cheapest landed property in that area, so………. just find a property, match 70-80% of what you’re looking at, then you’re good. Human beings are not perfect not to mention the creation by humans.

Anyhow, the Pier is not my main focus, any enquiry I will pass your contact to my fellow colleagues or agents focus in selling the Pier. Hope you enjoy my review, of course if you already confirm wanna buy the Pier, you have my contact here already 😀 🤪😘

Disclaimer: I do not handle and represent developer on this project. Hence, if you need further assistance can drop me a call, I will refer you to a sales representative or you can walk in to developer’s sales gallery for more info.

DISCLAIMER: This article is solely based on research done using publicly available data. This is not an advertisement. Any claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a project or service should be verified with the developer, provider, or party in question. i do not sell, market, or handle this project. If you need help to refer to a sales representative you’re free to drop me a message at the chat box

DISCLAIMER : All information, specifications and plans herein contained may be subject to variations, modifications and / or amendments by us and / or the relevant authorities or developer’s consultant / architect as may be required and cannot form part of an offer or contract. Renderings, depictions, and illustrations are artistic impressions only and should not be considered as representation of fact.


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